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Professional sound reinforcement company

Professional Sounds System, Services, and Reinforcement Company

AnimeNext 2009 concert

professional sounds system for concerts
professional sounds system for concerts

From the Linda Ducci Dance Show at Suny Purchase Theater PCA Audio provided the sound system

Let us make your next event sound
perfectly clear

professional sound services

PCA Audio Design and Engineering is a company that offers you complete professional sounds systems and reinforcement services for events and concerts. We strive to make your concert sounds amazing at each event. Our company makes use of state-of-the-art Midas, Yamaha, and Allen & Heath Console to produce the highest sound quality for concerts, parties, etc.

Besides sounds reinforcement, our company also provides concert and stage lighting services. Whether you event is small or large scale, we have the right professional equipment and reinforcement systems to support you. Our services are great for weddings, band tours, festivals, fundraisers, corporate events, and other events in New Jersey where you need to employ professional sound reinforcement services.

professional concert and sounds system set up

and his Band in Boston Ma.

Our company knows amateurish sounds could ruin the show, that’s why our services focus on achieving that professional sounding audio at every concert or location.

PCA Audio provided sound system for this event

professional sound reinforcement & lighting services

Lionel Richie Preforming at the Deets Weding Orlando Fl.

Deets Wedding

professional sound reinforcement & lighting services

NJRB At Montclair DownTown Saturday Night

sound reinforcement company

PCA Audio Design provided all lighting and sound

concert sounds services

PCA Audio Design and Engineering was brought down to Orlando, Fl to work with Visionary Light Media for the EADS SOCATA Release of the TDM 850 Airplane this is the video of the event.(click here and then click the video)

professional sound reinforcement company

Stage for the SACOTA Event

sacota-stage-concert sound services

PCA Audio provided sound

Plane that was flown over to be presented to Owner

professional sound system
sound system services

With our company you get a team of experienced technicians who are passionate about sound quality and know that it’s something you don’t leave to chance. Included in our services is a sound system and lighting check at least a day before the actual event. Everything will be tested and suggestions will be accommodated in order to perfect the set-up.

Our company offers state-of-the-art sound reinforcement equipment:

  • Biamped and Triamped Speaker Cabinets
  • Audio Mixing Consoles
  • Condenser Microphones
  • Amplifiers
  • Dynamic Microphones
  • Wireless Handhelds, Lavaliers, and Headset
  • Effects Racks

PCA Audio's Allen and Heath I-Live T112 and IDR 48

professional sound system, sound reinforcement system
professional sound service

PCA Yamaha PM3000

At PCA, our experienced staff understands that the importance of quality sound is not something to be left to chance.

professional sound reinforcement service

PCA Allen and Heath GL4000 48x8x2x4 Console

sound reinforcement company

PCA's Midas LEGEND 3000 52 ch console

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